October 1 – 34 Days off Protopic

Well the weekend was good. I generally felt like all the rest I got had a good effect on my body. Seemed like I was improving. Skin was less dry. Down to two showers a day and yesterday, Monday, I only had to reapply moisturizer once. Although last night I did scratch my neck and it got super itchy and then started weeping(oozing) and continued to do so for most of the night. Today my face feels drier. It’s now about 1 pm and I feel like I need to apply cream again soon. Also my constant shivering and being cold had died down yesterday, but today it seems to be back slightly. Friday I went and saw a homeopathic doctor. He started me on some homeopathic medicine which I just started yesterday. He did tell me that it could get worse before it gets better. I need to just get through the short term pain for the long term gain is what he told me. Yesterday I was feeling really positive with my skin being less dry, but alas today with it being dryer I am feel down again. My emotions seem to be all over the place since I started this journey. I just don’t want it to get bad again. I know I am better than when I first started but I was so encouraged by my skin getting better these last few days. I don’t know how I will handle it going downhill again. I wish I could quit both my jobs. It is so hard to focus on anything but my skin these days. I’m falling behind, but part of me doesn’t care. I am just so focused on my skin nothing else really seems to matter. I know there will be up and down days and maybe today is just a down day. I have to remind myself to trust God. He led me down this path and is with me. Please Lord give me strength to get through this journey and through today.


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