Oct 22 – 55 Days off Protopic

Well, things are pretty much the same. I don’t think I am any better, but also no worse. I have a bad crack on my palm which I have to keep moist or it hurts, it’s trying to split open. I thought my neck was getting better. It does seem to be oozing less, and it did seem less dry last week, but then yesterday was painfully dry again. The last few nights my ears have been oozing through the night. Not sure if I am scratching them or what, but then they end up sticking to my pillow. It is gross. One thing that is better is the skin sparklers or pins and needle feeling that I was getting in September. I have not gotten too much of it this month. Hopefully it will stay like that. I am still really cold. I have been shivering every day for the past month. It’s crazy! I will be happy when this part goes. The itching is still about the same and I still have edema in my legs and feet. I still cannot sleep without taking something and even then sometimes they do not work, which was the case Sunday night, so I ended up staying home yesterday. I must have scratched my face and neck a bit through the night too because they hurt too much to put under the water in the shower. So right away it was like nope, work is not happening today. Lol I am still working with the homeopath. He switched a few things when I saw him last week. So I am now taking a few new things. He said it could make things a bit worse again for a bit. We will see how it goes. I do know when I look back at September that I am much better than I was, even though I still have a long way to go. My eyes were flaring a bit last week, but seem to be better again. Just the usual gunk coming out of them. I am still very red in the face, hands, and legs. People ask me if I am okay. Lol I just try to give them the shortest response I can. Skin is still very dry and flaky. I have to vacuum my bed each day and after I shake out my pjs in the bathroom, sweep up quite a pile of skin. My skin also still smells weird. I cannot put my finger on what it is, but I know other people going through this report the same thing. My mood is really good though. I spend most of my days happy even though I’m going through this. Thank goodness that depression is gone. I do get the occasional moment of sadness but it usually doesn’t last long. So all in all, things are the same. I hope things start improving soon though. I cannot wait to be rid of this eczema!


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