Day 92 – Protopic Withdrawal With Pictures!

I am exhausted. Last night I took my usual sleeping pill and some Benadryl, which barely helps me sleep, well it did not want to work last night. I went to bed around midnight and as soon as I put my head on the pillow my face and neck got itchy. I ended up rubbing and scratching them and not being able to sleep. Thankfully no oozing. Finally after an hour of that I got up and went to the living room. I had a little snack and played a couple minutes of video games and then went back to bed feeling really sleepy. STILL could not sleep! Ugh. Finally around 330 I took some more Benadryl, as the first batch had worn off and then finally fell asleep, only to be woken up by my alarm at 6. I am sooo tired, and I have to work both jobs today. I might need to nap on my lunch today.

Anyways, skin wise, everything is pretty much the same. I do feel that my legs are getting a bit less red! Slowly but surely. My eyes are doing good, much less eye goop and I don’t have to pry them open in the morning. My face was very dry yesterday, more than its been, maybe because I scratched my face the night before and it was oozing. Thankfully the oozing did not repeat last night.

So I decided to attach some photos. These are all either from today or the last few days. I am almost into my fourth month of TSW! Wahoo! I feel like things are slowly improving so I am happy. I go see my homeopath doctor tomorrow so we will see what he says.


This leg has been oozing at night and is dry and flaky during the day. Sorry it is a bit hairy lol 🙂


12 Weeks (87 days) without Protopic!!

Well this week has kind of been up and down. Not a whole lot of change, however one thing I have noticed is my itch has increased at night a few times this week. Like cannot resist it, scratch till my skin is weeping, and then still want to scratch. Three times it happened, last Friday, Monday and Thursday night, it was only my face and neck. Twice it was after my nightly shower before bed. At first I thought maybe it was from putting Vaseline on my face, but last night I did not put any on and still had the itch attack. My neck and chest was almost dripping it was so wet. So gross. At first I wiped it off, but then I remembered someone on the ITSAN forum saying you should leave it, so the second time it happened that night I just let it air dry, which hurt but when I woke up this weekend that skin was all smooth and soft. So weird. So I am not really sure what is going on. I think I read somewhere that the itch increases more towards then end when your healing, so perhaps that spot is finally going to heal? I am not sure. My neck has basically been flared up and been my worst spot since day one, so we will see.


Other than that everything else is the same. I felt on the weekend my skin was getting less dry, but then it dried up again this week, maybe because im going longer during the day between showers since I am up so early during the week. I do generally feel alright, not the best, but better than I have been. I think also my neck has been a tincy bit less sore this week, despite the crazy itchiness and oozing.

Anyhow, since not a whole lot is new I decided I want to make a list of things I look forward to once I am healed! 🙂

  1. Not having to take two showers every day for comfort!
  2. Not having to slather my whole body in cream.
  3. Being able to wear whatever kind of fabric I want without it irritating my skin.
  4. Not having to constantly check my face for flakes or redness while out during the day.
  5. Not having to constantly vacuum my bed, room, and sweep the bathroom from all the dead skin.
  6. Getting back to working out and not having to worry about an itch attack when getting hot.
  7. Being able to kiss and cuddle again with my boyfriend without being in pain.
  8. Being able to go swimming!
  9. Wearing shorts and tank tops comfortably again, and flip flops!!
  10. Not having people constantly ask if I am sick/tired/sunburned. Lol
  11. Travel some more!
  12. Wear flat shoes without having to wear socks.
  13. Being able to stay out late and drink.
  14. Going camping again!
  15. Wearing my jewelry again.
  16. Being able to just wake up and go about my day without picking and prodding my skin.

I am sure there are more but that’s all I can think of for now. 🙂 Happy Healing. 

80 Days Off Protopic!!

Thought I would do a quick update, as of today I am 80 days into Protopic withdrawal! Soon I will be into the triple digits! Wahoo! Lets hope I start seeing significant healing soon. I decided I am going to list all of my symptoms so far, for anyone just starting out so you might know what you could expect.

Symptoms for months one to three

-Burning skin
-Spreading rash
-Nerve pain
-Swollen eyes
-Swollen hands
-Swollen legs, ankles, feet
-Temperature deregulation (Always Cold!!)
-Skin oozing
-Eye goop
-Bone dry skin
-Crazy itching
-Constantly flaking skin
-Lost arm hair, hair on head, and eyebrows
-Hand eczema (tiny itchy vesicles on hands)
-Painful skin
-Elephant skin
-Red skin
-Depression or anxiety

I think that’s it so far! Ha!

As of this minute I am still dealing with the insomnia, occasionally swollen eyes, swollen hands, I am always cold except occasional sweating at night in bed, the swelling in my legs and ankles went down but is still there a bit, still have skin oozing, eye goop (although much less!), crazy itching, dryness, flaking, elephant skin, legs and hands are very red, I have lost almost all my arm hair, my eyebrows are thinned out, and lost some hair on my head, and my hands seem to be healing, there is less vesicles on them! I do still have a lot of pain, especially my neck. By the end of the night I am a robot and cannot turn my head much. And my skin on my back sort of burns when I move.

I have not had much nerve pain thankfully since the first month! Also I only had the burning skin in my first month, unless I get too hot my neck burns a bit but its more of a trying to sweat but cant sweat burn, rather than the searing rashy pain it was at the beginning (if that makes sense lol). I was only really depressed or anxious in month one, really bad. Once I got into my second month though it seemed to ease up. I still have my moments of sadness each day, but they do not last long thankfully. It is usually in the morning when I first get up, as I am so uncomfortable and dry. Once I shower and put cream on I feel much better.

Its amazing how much the skin changes in one week. This time last week I was flaking like crazy! I thought I was getting worse, but as of today my skin feels slightly less dry than it has been. Perhaps I am coming into a calm period! I hope so! 🙂

10 weeks – 76 days off Protopic

Well I am into my third month. I will start with the positive; the swelling finally went down in my legs and ankles! Yay! My legs now have started to ooze very easily in some spots though. They are also still red but the redness does seem to be broken up with some normal looking colour skin. And there is lots of flaking going on in the spots where it is oozing. The skin also feels softer. So hopefully this is all signs of healing! The negative, if you can call it that, is that nothing else much has changed. My skin still cycles through being very flaky to just being very dry. I had a few days off from work because of my birthday and woke up last Friday thinking I was getting worse because I was sooo flaky. It was crazy how much I had to scrub off in the shower. But by Saturday I was much less flaky, just very dry. My neck is still my worst spot. By the end of the day I am in significant pain because of it and can barley turn my head. It does still ooze a bit if I scratch too much but it does seem like the skin is getting stronger. My hands seems like they are healing. There is less blisters and it is very flaky. I am trying to just keep a glove on my worst hand, as it seems to help keep it from splitting open. I still have all my other symptoms. I am cold and tired. A couple weeks and I will be into the triple digits of Protopic withdrawal. I am hoping I will start to see some significant healing soon. It was rather depressing waking up on my 28th birthday feeling this way. Next year’s birthday will be better though. I just have to keep toughing it out. I am just weary of this trial. I am tired of having to take two showers a day and constantly applying moisturiser. I am tired of being so flaky and dry. I am tired of being in pain. I am tired of not sleeping. I just need strength Lord to keep going. I don’t have any other options anyways. I can’t go back to TS or Protopic. So I just have to keeping going down this path.


Now, if you are reading this and have eczema that seems to just be getting worse even while using topical steroids, please check out this website. Your “eczema” could just be steroid induced and can be CURED, yes CURED! This is the road that I am on. I also find lots of comfort from the Forum. It is nice to know there are other people out there feeling exactly the same way.