80 Days Off Protopic!!

Thought I would do a quick update, as of today I am 80 days into Protopic withdrawal! Soon I will be into the triple digits! Wahoo! Lets hope I start seeing significant healing soon. I decided I am going to list all of my symptoms so far, for anyone just starting out so you might know what you could expect.

Symptoms for months one to three

-Burning skin
-Spreading rash
-Nerve pain
-Swollen eyes
-Swollen hands
-Swollen legs, ankles, feet
-Temperature deregulation (Always Cold!!)
-Skin oozing
-Eye goop
-Bone dry skin
-Crazy itching
-Constantly flaking skin
-Lost arm hair, hair on head, and eyebrows
-Hand eczema (tiny itchy vesicles on hands)
-Painful skin
-Elephant skin
-Red skin
-Depression or anxiety

I think that’s it so far! Ha!

As of this minute I am still dealing with the insomnia, occasionally swollen eyes, swollen hands, I am always cold except occasional sweating at night in bed, the swelling in my legs and ankles went down but is still there a bit, still have skin oozing, eye goop (although much less!), crazy itching, dryness, flaking, elephant skin, legs and hands are very red, I have lost almost all my arm hair, my eyebrows are thinned out, and lost some hair on my head, and my hands seem to be healing, there is less vesicles on them! I do still have a lot of pain, especially my neck. By the end of the night I am a robot and cannot turn my head much. And my skin on my back sort of burns when I move.

I have not had much nerve pain thankfully since the first month! Also I only had the burning skin in my first month, unless I get too hot my neck burns a bit but its more of a trying to sweat but cant sweat burn, rather than the searing rashy pain it was at the beginning (if that makes sense lol). I was only really depressed or anxious in month one, really bad. Once I got into my second month though it seemed to ease up. I still have my moments of sadness each day, but they do not last long thankfully. It is usually in the morning when I first get up, as I am so uncomfortable and dry. Once I shower and put cream on I feel much better.

Its amazing how much the skin changes in one week. This time last week I was flaking like crazy! I thought I was getting worse, but as of today my skin feels slightly less dry than it has been. Perhaps I am coming into a calm period! I hope so! 🙂


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