12 Weeks (87 days) without Protopic!!

Well this week has kind of been up and down. Not a whole lot of change, however one thing I have noticed is my itch has increased at night a few times this week. Like cannot resist it, scratch till my skin is weeping, and then still want to scratch. Three times it happened, last Friday, Monday and Thursday night, it was only my face and neck. Twice it was after my nightly shower before bed. At first I thought maybe it was from putting Vaseline on my face, but last night I did not put any on and still had the itch attack. My neck and chest was almost dripping it was so wet. So gross. At first I wiped it off, but then I remembered someone on the ITSAN forum saying you should leave it, so the second time it happened that night I just let it air dry, which hurt but when I woke up this weekend that skin was all smooth and soft. So weird. So I am not really sure what is going on. I think I read somewhere that the itch increases more towards then end when your healing, so perhaps that spot is finally going to heal? I am not sure. My neck has basically been flared up and been my worst spot since day one, so we will see.


Other than that everything else is the same. I felt on the weekend my skin was getting less dry, but then it dried up again this week, maybe because im going longer during the day between showers since I am up so early during the week. I do generally feel alright, not the best, but better than I have been. I think also my neck has been a tincy bit less sore this week, despite the crazy itchiness and oozing.

Anyhow, since not a whole lot is new I decided I want to make a list of things I look forward to once I am healed! 🙂

  1. Not having to take two showers every day for comfort!
  2. Not having to slather my whole body in cream.
  3. Being able to wear whatever kind of fabric I want without it irritating my skin.
  4. Not having to constantly check my face for flakes or redness while out during the day.
  5. Not having to constantly vacuum my bed, room, and sweep the bathroom from all the dead skin.
  6. Getting back to working out and not having to worry about an itch attack when getting hot.
  7. Being able to kiss and cuddle again with my boyfriend without being in pain.
  8. Being able to go swimming!
  9. Wearing shorts and tank tops comfortably again, and flip flops!!
  10. Not having people constantly ask if I am sick/tired/sunburned. Lol
  11. Travel some more!
  12. Wear flat shoes without having to wear socks.
  13. Being able to stay out late and drink.
  14. Going camping again!
  15. Wearing my jewelry again.
  16. Being able to just wake up and go about my day without picking and prodding my skin.

I am sure there are more but that’s all I can think of for now. 🙂 Happy Healing. 


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