100 Days – Protopic Withdrawal


Wahoo!!! I am into the triple digits! Haha And officially done my third month and into my fourth! I can’t believe how fast it is going. When I first started down this road it seemed to drag. September was my worst month thus far. It was so hard to picture coming this far. However I do still have a long way to go to being healed. I have seen some improvements. Like the edema in my legs and feet going down. It does come back occasionally but it is much better than it was. The redness on my legs is also going down a bit. My eyes have far less goop. Even my ears seem to crack and weep less often. I feel less cold, although still cold most of them time, I am not constantly shivering anymore, which is nice considering its -25 here in Alberta! And just overall I FEEL better. I can’t put my finger on why exactly but I just feel better than I have been. The other night I even contemplated not taking my nightly shower because the only place I really felt like I needed more moisture was on my face and neck. I did decide to do it anyways because I was flaky on my neck but it was a good feeling to know that I probably could have gone with only one shower a day. I will see how I feel over the next few days and maybe I can get it down to one shower a day. That would be awesome. I have been showering twice a day for over a year now, even before I started TSW because I was still so dry all the time. So that would feel amazing to only shower once a day. Haha It truly is the little things.

My neck and face are still really dry and sore. I would say my face, neck, and hands are my worst spots right now. On the weekend my skin on my face and neck was actually peeling off like plastic or snake skin. It was rather weird. The other night I woke up to my neck oozing and this morning I kept getting hives on my chest so I still have a long way to go to those areas being healed. As for my hands, well I thought they were getting better, but my palms are covered in tiny blisters. UGH. I find it rather distressing to get eczema on my hands like that. I have to keep them moist because I have cracks there and it makes it really hard to use my hands. So I keep coating my palms in polysporin and wearing cotton gloves on them. I am going to try putting some coconut oil on them though. Putting cream on them just makes them itchy so I try to avoid that. Hopefully this gets better soon.  I have also been having a really hard time sleeping. I find as soon as I lie down, my face and neck gets itchy and I start rubbing it and cant sleep. So I end up getting up for a while to read until I am sleepy. But I am working two jobs, so not getting to bed until 330 is not okay! Hopefully I can get a handle on this soon. I am exhausted and actually had to call in sick to work on Monday. I ended up having a really nice relaxing day just watching TV and sleeping on and off all day. I needed that!

I saw my homeopathic doctor last week and he seems to think my healing is going in the right direction and I agree. I don’t know for sure if the stuff he has me on is helping or if it is just time but I like to think it is. Lol.

Looking ahead I hope I keep going in a healing direction, but I have to be aware that I could have my second flare coming up. Hopefully it won’t be any worse than what I have been dealing with, but who knows. I trust God to get me through it.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well. For those of you who are new to TSW my advice is just to hang on and find something to focus on and just know that it WILL get better and you WILL heal. I still have to remind myself this daily but I know the first few months are so hard. What gets me through the hard days is my faith in God. I trust Him that He is healing me. Even if you don’t have the same beliefs I would say just try to find something that you can focus on, to pull you through those hard days. Like your family or even just knowing that we will one day be HEALED and have beautiful skin again!!


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