115 Days Protopic Withdrawal

I think I just went through a mini flare. The backs of my legs, arms, tummy, and thighs, all of which were previously pretty smooth became red and dry and then yesterday were very flaky, and my arms had many scratches on them. It could be because its very cold here right now, possibly also because I am feeling very tired and run down. I had to work 8 am to 11 pm between my two jobs the other day and I am exhausted. Christmas time means we have longer hours at my second job. On top of that I am still not sleeping very good. However today I woke up and those spots were much smoother. I was able to remove the flakes in the shower and now those spots are soft. So the flare up only lasted a few days. Thankfully during Christmas and New Years I will have about 10 days off from my full time day job so I will be able to get rested up. I find my body does lots of healing while I am not working.

I am losing a ton of hair, and to be honest it is freaking me out. I know lots of people going through TSW experience this, but it is still scary. I hope this phase doesn’t last long. Thankfully I had very thick hair to start with but it is much much thinner now. The weeping that had been on the sides of my legs seems to be healing as well. It is not as flaky there any more. My face and neck still get very dry, sore, and flaky. I don’t really seem to ever get a break in those spots. But the pain in my neck is much less than it was. At the end of this month I will be entering my 5th month already! Time is sure flying. January could be a tough month for me though because I will have to babysit my parent’s dogs at their house for ten days, plus my two dogs, and I will be by myself. Hopefully the stress of not being in my own home or being with 4 dogs won’t cause me to flare up. I am hopeful that things will continue on an upward swing. I am not sure that I will get on here to post again before Christmas, or even New Years, so to anyone reading this Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!! I hope 2014 bring us all healing and better skin days.


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