132 Days Protopic Withdrawal

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! Mine were great and I got lots of much needed rest. It sucks to be back at work. Oh well. Well I am officially into my 5th month of TSW! I have definitely noticed some changes since my last post, good and bad…

  1. Good. No more oozing anywhere! For now at least. Lol My neck and leg were the worst for oozing. The skin on my neck is now much stronger and I can scratch it to my heart’s content without any oozing! And the oozing on my leg healed up too.
  2. Good. The swelling in my legs has gone down and stayed down. My legs look normal size again. And the redness has gone down too. They are still a bit pinky/light red but much lighter than they were!
  3. Good/Bad. My arm hair is growing back, however I am still losing my head hair. I did do a coconut oil mask one day, which is very greasy! Took me three shampoos to get it all out! But I do feel like it slowed down how much hair has been falling out. I am still losing a lot but it seems to be a bit less. I am going to try to do another mask again this weekend.
  4. Good. My neck is less sore! Way less sore than it had been. It does still give me some grief at night but I can turn my head much easier than I could! My face is less dry too so it is a bit easier to smile. 🙂
  5. Good. My flaking is waaaay down. I don’t even need to vacuum my bed every night anymore!
  6. Good/Bad. My hands are healing. The cracks at least. They are not deep anymore and the peeling is slowly healing I think. The bad is that the backs seemed to have flared up a bit again. The swelling and redness had gone down for a couple days but is back a bit now. Maybe it will be like my legs, they were swollen and then up and down and now just normal. Hopefully that’s what it is doing.
  7. Good. The redness in my face has gone down! A few people have commented on how much better I am looking. Its really nice not to look so sun burnt anymore!
  8. Bad. I have been getting weird sweat attacks. I got them twice in bed and once during the evening. I had to take off all my clothes and lie in bed to let the cool air dry me off. It was like there was this film of water on my skin and it was really only on one side of my body. I could not wipe it off. I got cold lying there but could not cover up because those spots would stay wet then. So I had to keep everything off it to let it dry off. My back and under my breasts have been sweating a bit too, so maybe it is just my body trying to regulate that.
  9. Bad. I think I might be entering a flare. I noticed about a week ago my arms were getting very dry again. They had been quite comfortable for a while now so it is disappointing. My wrist on my left hand has started cracking again too. It was somewhat normal for a few weeks before that. I thought maybe it was because I was forgetting to take my fish oil, so I started taking that again but they are still getting dry and flaky. I know if I am entering a flare there is nothing I can do but hope it won’t be as bad as my first flare. Only time will tell.
  10. Bad. I am still itchy all over. Especially my neck at night.
  11. Bad. I am getting hives now. Mostly on my neck, face, and arms after scratching too much. I will get a little hive which if I can stop scratching it, will only last maybe 15 minutes or so, but they are super itchy! I used to get hives a lot before quitting Protopic, but since going through TSW I have not gotten any until now. I hate hives. UGH.
  12. Bad. My skin on my neck and arms and feet feels rough. There is probably some dead skin that needs to come off but I can’t seem to get it off.

I do really want to get back to the gym now that I am into my 5th month. I put on some weight over Christmas so I need to lose that. I get itchy when I get too hot or sweaty though so I would have to take it easy. Hopefully I can get to the gym this month. I also need to get back to being stricter with my diet. I try to avoid gluten and yeast, but ate lots of it over the past few weeks. I need to cut back on my sugar intake too.

One more thing I am thinking about trying is getting some sun, either tanning beds or talking to my doctor about going to a UVB bed. Sun is supposed to be really good for our skin and here in Alberta we won’t be getting nice weather for a few more months so I would like to get a jump start on that. I will have to wait and see if I am entering another flare though. I probably will not want to do any of this if I am flaring again. The next couple weeks for me will be pretty busy as I am on dog-sitting/house-sitting duties for my parents while they are in Mexico. It is tough because I am watching four dogs all by myself and I have to go back in between my parent’s house and my house daily. I will be so glad when it’s over. Overall lots of changes, like I said good and bad. My skin definitely looks much better than it has been. I really hope if this is another flare it won’t be as bad as my first. It has been coming on very slowly.

Some pictures…


My arm. Looks okay but it has been very dry and uncomfortable to bend.


Cracks on my palm are not deep any more, but my wrist is flaring up a bit.


Swelling is up and down on the back of my hand, as well as the redness.Image

No more oozing on my legs! The skin is healing and much less red. Not swollen either!Image

Looking so much better!


2 thoughts on “132 Days Protopic Withdrawal

  1. Hi! So glad it is slowly but surely healing. I’ve been reading your journey and you’ve just mentioned getting more sun through UVB. I Live in the UK so I know how You feel! Whenever I go to a hot country my skin clears. Does that happen for You? That’s why I’ve started taking vitamin d3 alongside my omega 3 and prebiotics. (I used a bout of steroids for a month and gave up on New Year) and these have helped keep my neck eczema which plays havoc calm! Since the sun provides us with This vitamin I’m taking it to compensate for lack of sunshine I’m getting. I’m even feeling moisture return to my skin and my neck doesn’t feel so rough. I eat a good diet with occasional junk but otherwise the main thing I’ve found has helped me this time is the supplements, natural skincare and meditation for when I’m feeling itchy, angry etc it really helps to just calm your nervous system down and relieve stress.

    You can see photos on my blog though I don’t think I’m going through tsw…i thought I might but my steroid use is sporadic and my eczema has not been continuous throughout my whole life. (Its on my About page If you’re interested) But i think the vitamin d3 could be helpful for you too?

    Cutting out sugar reduces my itchy neck too! ! For the first time in forever literally I’m not itching my neck every night! !! Instead I can happily cleanse my face twice daily with a muslin cloth (good for gentle exfoliation) apply toner Serum oil and cream and My skin Is actually retaining moisture Without steroids 😀

    Sorry for my essay. ..TSW sounds extremely difficult. I hope vitamin d3 if anything may help you abit? Especisly if sunshine generally improves your skin condition.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. 🙂 I am glad to hear Vitamin D is working for you. Unfortunately I have actually been using it for about a year now and have found it makes no difference to my skin, so it will be interesting to see if the sun helps. Lots of people going through TSW say it helps them though, so I am hoping!
      I do agree about cutting back on sugar though! I think I get more itchy when I consume to much.
      I don’t use anything to clean my face but water right now as I am always worried about upsetting my skin but I also do not wear make up very often.
      TSW has definatley been tough. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! I’m glad your not going through it and that your finding some relief! Eczema can be such a debilitating disease!
      Hope things continue to go well for you 🙂

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