Protopic Withdrawal

146 days of protopic and topical steroid withdrawal

I have to say I am pretty happy today with my skin condition. It is of course nowhere near healed but today is just a good skin day. In my last post I said I thought I was coming into a flare. Yep, I was. It thankfully only affected my arms. It lasted about a month, which is quite long, but it was not severe and quite livable. I tried to get a picture but it just doesn’t show up properly, but my arms were very dry, red, itchy, rashy, bumpy, flaky, and I even had some nerve pain, which I have not really had much of since early in my withdrawal. I also kept feeling like my arms were going to sleep randomly, even though I would not be in a position for them to be going to sleep. It seems to have finally cleared up, although it is still a little red and rashy, but much better.

This past Sunday I got sick with the flu. I was up all night and ended up sleeping all day Monday. Now my skin has not been flaking too much lately, but my face and neck has just felt rough. Monday I woke up and it was all flaky! I rubbed it off in the shower and the skin there is soooo soft. It is so nice. It is still kind of red and splotchy and it is still itchy, but it feels so good. My neck has been my worst spot for so long and was raw for a few months, so it is so nice to feel this smooth skin. Also my palms were looking more healed too and less red. I have no idea if being sick helped these spots along, but it is definitely weird that things got better after me being sick. I did not take anything for my flu either. Has anyone else found there TSW skin got better after being ill?

Some pictures today of my skin

My skin is moisturized here and you can see it it still splotchy but the skin is smooth! I do have some flaking today around my nose and lips though.

The redness has really gone down and my palms continue to heal. They are a bit shiny, as I have polysporin on them at the moment.



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