How one night can undo all that great healing!

I would have posted this yesterday, but I was home sick again. Darn flu. Think I finally kicked it though. I am posting this photo because I just want to be honest about my topical steroid/protopic withdrawal journey. The night after I posted that beautiful picture of my neck, I scratched the heck out of my neck that night. Woke up the next morning and it was all red and splotchy and sore. Thankfully I had cotton gloves on so I was mostly just rubbing the heck out of my neck. 

Already though, within a couple hours of being up it was calming down and today it is looking much closer to the previous picture. So things are still very much up and down, but I seem to heal pretty quick from the minor damage that I have done. I am still very itchy, especially my neck. I actually saw my homeopathic doctor yesterday and he said that the itching would probably be one of the last things to go. He is very happy with how well I am healing though, as am I! 

I also told him that I was loosing a lot of hair, and he thinks it could be something to do with my hormones and would like to get them checked out. If I did this test it would also check my thyroid, which I did actually check a couple months ago, via a blood test (and it was normal), but his is a saliva test, which he thinks is much more sensitive. So it would be better to tell me if something is not right and could be causing the hair loss. I know hair loss seems to be very common in topical steroid withdrawal, but it still scares the heck out of me! One kind person on the ITSAN forum said to have the thyroid checked, as hers turned out to be low causing many problems. So I am thinking I will probably go ahead and get this test done. Not only for that reason, but also to make sure everything else is going okay. 

Another thing I wanted to talk about today was about a devotional I was reading the other night in my bible. Now I realize that not everyone believes the same thing and I fully respect that! But I do think this devotional I read speaks directly to those going through TSW. It was from the book of Exodus and was about Gods people who were wandering through desert, and how they were given just enough food from God each day to get by. How the Lord gives us just enough strength each day to get through that day. I did not realize it until last night but this really relates to TSW. We need to just take it one day at a time. We should not worry about how our skin will be tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. There is no point in stressing ourselves out more than we need! I know especially in my early TSW days I could not even imagine how my skin would be come January. I thought I would be in pain and miserable forever, but I have come so far and it has gone so fast! I know its hard not to think about how our skin will be tomorrow, or how long this darn flare will last, but there is nothing we can do to control it. So I think we just need to try to take it one day at a time and for me personally I try to trust that the Lord will give me enough strength to get through today. 🙂 

I hope you are all doing well! 


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