Second Major Flare?

Well I have been wondering when it would come. I think it’s finally here.

I say second “major” flare since going through topical steroid/protopic withdrawal, because I have had some minor mini flares localized to one body part at a time. This time however it seems to be involving more of me. It is so far still nothing as bad as my first flare. Thank the Lord for that! Hopefully it won’t get too much worse, but it has been coming on slowly. My previously improving face and neck, have been getting more dry, tight, and sore. My eyes have been a bit more crusty in the morning. My palms broke out in a bunch of tiny vesicles or blisters. My arms have been much more itchier and a bit flaky. I included a picture below of some of the damage I did Tuesday night while sleeping. Last night at 2 am I woke up extremely itchy and had to take some Benadryl before going back to sleep. My neck and face has also been more flaky, which I have not had much of for the last month or so. So I definitely think this is it. I haven’t so far had any burning this time around and no oozing yet either. Maybe those awful symptoms will stay away this time. And lastly I have been more exhausted this week than normal. I keep almost falling asleep at work. Not good!

I was feeling a little down yesterday, as I am just so ready for this to be all over and have normal skin. Ah well. This flare just means I am one more flare closer to healing! Hopefully it won’t last too long.

You can see some of the damage I did. There is more, I just could not get my whole arm in the picture. At least I am not so red this time.

And my poor hand, which had been improving, was covered in vesicles, which I scratched and now it looks like this.



One thought on “Second Major Flare?

  1. Ooooof. Sorry to hear this. 😦 It’s so disheartening. Just when we start thinking we might be “in the clear”, it hits us that much harder again. You’re right, though, you’re just that much closer to healing! Hope you start healing up from this flare soon…. and quickly! Hang in there. 🙂

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