201 Days Protopic Withdrawal

Yes! Its been 201 days since I last used Protopic. I cant believe it. I honestly almost missed that it had been that long. I had it in my calender and when it popped up to remind me I had no idea what it was for. lol Finally I clued in! I was actually looking at my pictures since September and I cant believe how far I have come. It made me feel great to see that healing.

So how am I doing today? Well, pretty much the same since my last post. I am pretty sure I am in a stagnant phase still. Nothing much has changed in the last month or two. Nothing has gotten better and nothing has gotten worse. My worst areas are still the tops of my ankles, lower legs, lower arms, hands, neck, and top of my chest (breast) area. I have had a bit of oozing when scratching my neck and tops of my breasts a little too much. It did not last long and was not a lot of oozing thankfully. My neck is still my worst spot and very itchy by night time.

My hands seemed to flare up a bit last week, but it has already calmed down I think. I have gotten a few pimples on my legs and about three boils, which are slowly disappearing.

I am still loosing hair!!! UGH!! When will it end?!??? I am so amazed I have not gone bald. Thank goodness my hair was thick before. I hope it stops soon. This is my fourth month of loosing hair.

Other than that I am living my life pretty normally. I still think about my skin all the time, as it is nowhere near healed, but I am at least comfortable. I only have a small amount of pain in my neck at night, but its tolerable. I am still dry but barely flaking right now.

Attached is a picture of my leg today. Sorry for the hair. I find shaving very drying right now. I just have some scabs on it that I keep picking at. Its become a bad habit I think. But otherwise my legs look pretty good. The redness has gone down a lot.

Well that’s all for today’s post! Hopefully next time I will be able to post that some good healing is happening. 🙂

By the way, if you have not already noticed, I have a lovely list of blogs of people going through the same thing on the right hand side of the screen. Please check them out, and let me know if you want me to add your blog to my list! Take care!


2 thoughts on “201 Days Protopic Withdrawal

    • Hi Johanna, Yes I am still moisturising. I have read all the pros and cons for both moisturising and not moisturising, but at the moment because I am working two jobs and cant take time off I will continue to moisturise. I am hoping this summer when I get a couple weeks off that I will be able to try stopping. 🙂

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