9 Months Protopic Withdrawal

Tomorrow is my 9 month anniversary.

Last night my neck flared up. No burning or anything. Just really itchy for about 15 minutes before bed. But I scratched really bad and even made my neck ooze. I then went to sleep but must have done more scratching in my sleep because my neck was really sore this morning and when I jumped in the shower, oh my sweet goodness that hurt! I have attached a picture. Basically its my neck, top of my chest, to the top and in between my breasts. The outsides of my breasts are weirdly not affected at all and have not been at all throughout this process. They are baby smooth. Cannot wait for the day my neck is baby smooth! You can see some of my normal skin colour creeping in there though! Exciting. 🙂

It is about 1:30 pm here now and my neck feels okay. Just a little tender to the touch and red. No oozing. It is shiny in the picture because there is cream on it. You can see my chin is a bit red too. It was also itchy.

The other thing is that we have finally had a few warm days here. I noticed while the rest of my body was okay, my neck hurt more when I was in the sun. I sooo badly want to get sun, as its supposed to be really good for us in the later stages, but I am so worried about making my neck worse. Anyone have any experience with this? I don’t have any burning or nerve pain. My neck is just red and itchy, but not nearly as itchy as it used to be. I guess I will just have to take it slowly.

Also attached is a picture of my leg. Still a bit scabby. I have some purple spots on my legs, where the scabs used to be and is still healing. I have a hard time not picking at my legs. Such a bad habit. I think that’s why they are taking so long to heal.

My ankles and feet are a bit red. They are a bit itchy sometimes too. I was putting Cetaphil cream on them and then Aquaphor on top of them to keep them moisturized. Well I am slowly starting to do moisturizer withdrawal to them. I just started this week no longer putting the Aquaphor on them, just the Cetaphil still. The skin there feels stronger already just doing that. I am trying this because I want to wear flip flops this year (I couldn’t last summer)! Anytime I try to not wear socks my feet get itchy. So I figure if I can toughen up the skin maybe I will be able to go without socks. So that is my current goal. I am easing into it.  🙂

Otherwise the rest of my body is still doing good and still the same as my last post. Hope you are all doing well!


8 Months and 2 weeks, 260 days of Protopic Withdrawal

Sorry for the delay in updating! I am already two weeks into my eight month! Crazy crazy. Cant believe it has been that long since I used Protopic. Time is flying by. I am still enjoying my break from ITSAN. Honestly it has been nice. I needed it. I am enjoying my life right now, which has been very busy. I am on day 10 of working 14 days in a row, and not only have I been working all day, this week I have been busy every night. So I am pretty tired. I have been reading people blogs though. 🙂

So, my skin is still very stagnant. The same spots are still mildly flaring. My lower legs, ankles, palms, neck, and the inside of my arms.

I came to realize last week that my thigh area (basically knees up) were completely healed. No flaring there at all and the skin is soft and supple, so I stopped putting cream on it. So far it’s the only spot I am not using cream, but it feels so liberating! Lol I think it’s a sign of things to come with the rest of my body. 🙂

Also I should mention my hair stopped falling out at the end of March. So it lasted about 4 months! I lost 2/3 of my hair, which thankfully was thick before so you could not tell. Now I am just waiting for it to grow back.

My lower legs are still in the scabby stage and its only on the inside portion of my legs. It seems to take forever to heal. They occasionally get itchy, but nothing too bad and it does not last long.

My hands are still a bit cracked with the tiny blisters. Its frustrating.

My neck is still red and blotchy. The skin has been flaking up a bit at night the last month, which it hadn’t done that in a while. It feels rough to the touch and is still my itchiest spot. But to be fair the itchiness has gone waaaay down. I used to scratch for up to an hour and a half at my worst, now it is lasting 15-30 mins at most, sometimes even less. If I scratch too much I may have a tiny bit of oozing, but nothing serious and its only usually one spot and dries up in a few minutes.

The inside of my arms are actually not too bad right now. Just a bit itchy. A little red on the crooks of my arms. Again nothing too serious.

That’s about it. Everywhere else is doing pretty good. Just frustratingly stagnant. Wish I had better news, but I am sure it will come soon. I am doing well however!