300 Days of Protopic Withdrawal

Day 300. Next week will be 10 months of TSW.

My neck and chest has been flaking up like crazy again every night the past couple weeks. I have actually had to get up through the night and empty my shirt out in the bathroom from all the flakes, and I can peel big strips of skin off lol. It is still red and flaky, with some small splits/cuts on it from scratching too much. And if I scratch too much it oozes a bit. By nighttime it is usually pretty sore still. BUT I should add it is still not nearly as bad as it was my first couple months. Yes it is annoying and a bit painful but nothing compared to how it was. I can get through all day with no problems. It is just at nighttime that it become itchy and then flakes through the night. I really haven’t had a whole lot of flaking since probably January; at least not this much. I mean I have to vacuum my bed in the morning again which I had not done in a few months, but again it is still nothing compared to how it was. And it is only my neck and the top of my chest affected. I am hoping that once this flaking slows down again I will get some more healing.

The good news is that in the past month my legs have FINALLY started to heal again. The scabs are disappearing!!!! I even wore capris out Sunday! I still have a few scabby areas and my legs are a bit red, but they are looking better! Let’s hope this means I am out of that darn stagnant phase.

My hands are still struggling. Still getting those darn tiny blisters and have splitting on my palms. But when I think about it, my wrists, fingers, and the back of my hands used to be affected too and now it is only my palms! Trying to see the positives. 🙂

Otherwise the rest of my skin is doing pretty good. The insides of my arms look a bit bumpy/splotchy but they don’t bother me. My thighs have been a bit itchy, but I am still not putting cream on them and they are fine. My stomach and back are completely fine. Ankles are a bit itchy but again not too bothersome. Ears don’t bother me at all anymore.

Now to some interesting news. A couple of weeks ago I finally did that saliva hormone test that I had been talking about doing earlier this year. I just got the results back last week. It interestingly showed that my cortisol levels are below normal throughout the whole day, becoming less and less as the day goes on. Makes sense for what were going through since the body has to relearn how to make it again on its own. So my homeopathic doctor has decided to try me on some new things to try to get all my hormones at normal levels. He basically told me I was on my way to being hypothyroid. Probably a problem lots of us going through TSW experience. So he put me on an adrenal supplement and thyroid supplement. Both completely natural. All it does is try to get them working again on their own. We will see if it helps or not. I just started them yesterday. He thinks it will help my energy levels too since I am always exhausted.

I cannot believe I will be a year soon! I have to be honest. I am a little scared to come up to my year mark. I have been reading about lots of people lately who flare up badly around that mark. I guess only time will tell. I will be praying hard that I won’t!


One thought on “300 Days of Protopic Withdrawal

  1. Hey there, just discovered your blog! I’m scared of the 1 year mark too and I’m only 6 months in lol. I also have the same adrenal and thyroid problems, I definitely think it’s from the prolonged use of steroids. Good luck with the supplements, hope they get you some relief!

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