322 Days of Protopic Withdrawal – Still Flaring…

Almost 11 months off Protopic.

Funny…. Yesterday I was going to post an update on how I thought this flare was on its way out, but then on my way to my second job I had an itch fest on my neck, and then another one after work that resulted in quite a bit of oozing, and then another one after my shower before bed that lasted almost an hour and was just so hard to stop myself. How frustrating. It is mentally draining. I am so ready for this rollercoaster to be over. I want normal skin. I don’t want to be flaky, itchy, red, or in pain any more. 😦 I completely understand how the vets say some of the later flares are harder mentally. This flare has not been nearly as bad as my first one, but it is just so hard when you see yourself healing and doing well and then you slowly start going backwards. My hands are worse, I am back to wearing my cotton gloves all day again. My neck is still bright red, constantly flaky, itchy, and a bit oozy. Today my face is red and feels sunburned although I have not been in the sun. And I am just exhausted from this darn insomnia.

photo photo (3)

I did try the sun a few days last week, just 10 minutes at a time, but I think I need to wait till this flare dies down. I do think this flare is getting better, although it’s hard to tell after last night, but my eyes have stopped constantly leaking. They are only leaky a couple times a day now rather than all day. I hope this is a sign that my flare is dying out.

I am off on vacation next week for two weeks! I am so excited. I need the rest and I am hoping it will help my body to do some massive healing.. please, please, please!

Just have to keep saying this mantra “We will heal. We will heal. We will heal.” I have to keep reminding myself, especially through this last flare. I trust God to heal me! He is healing me! 


2 thoughts on “322 Days of Protopic Withdrawal – Still Flaring…

  1. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing another flare right now. I hope that your 2 weeks of vacation time provide lots of rest and lots of healing. I’m hoping that you’ll get to enjoy some of that time off! I’m praying for you!

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