11 Months Protopic Withdrawal

This past month has been hard. Flaring STILL. I think this is about six weeks into the flare now. I hope it quits soon. I’m weary of it.

My eyes are swollen everyday, and every morning I have to pry them open with my fingers because they are glued shut. I have little cuts around them which is painful. I am loosing my eyebrows again.

My face and neck are very red. People keep asking if I am sunburned. Ugh. I also have all these little cuts on my neck from scratching, which are a pain and my neck has been oozy if I scratch too much.

Areas that I previously thought were healed, such as my thighs and tummy, have flared again. Although it is a weak flare in those spots, they are now itchy and splotchy again.

I have been wearing gloves all day again because my hands are more blistered and sore.

The dryness and flakiness increased again. Vacuuming my bed out each day again.

I have been feeling down and depressed. This flare has been hard but not as hard as my first flare. I feel like I’m back in my third or fourth month rather than my eleventh. I have resorted back to scouring peoples blogs and the ITSAN forum to see if this is normal. From what others say it seems to be my anniversary flare. Emotionally and mentally this has been a rough flare. I want to be normal again. I haven’t really even been enjoying the summer; too consumed in my skin.

If I am being positive which is hard to do right now I will say I think it is getting better very very slowly. Today my flaking was decreased.

I can only hope and pray and trust God it will get better from here.


4 thoughts on “11 Months Protopic Withdrawal

  1. Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear that it’s been so bad for so long. I haven’t been doing so well for a while, either. A few people have said “you must’ve gotten a lot of sun this weekend!” to me lately and, although I replied with a smile…. I just wanted to scream about it! Such a little comment that put me into a tailspin of depression for a few days. I’m trying to get myself back into just taking one day (or one hour) at a time, just like I did at the beginning of TSW. For weeks now, I keep getting depressed because I keep thinking about how “tomorrow’s not going to be much better than this” or “This is going to be a hard week.” I keep putting the burden of the future on myself (which really makes me feel upset) instead of just dealing with today/right now. Do you ever feel like this too?

    • Oh gosh! I know exactly how you feel. Im sorry you are flaring too. Sorry I am so slow getting back to you! I get asked all the time at my second job about my skin and I am soooo tired of it. Its sooo upseting. And I too have been having a hard time staying positive through this flare. I just keep thinking is this never going to be over???? Will I just be like this forever. UGH. Well I hope your doing better. I am still flairing. Hang in there 🙂 I feel exactly like you do.

  2. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I’m at my 11 months as well and am also flaring. It’s Insane how similar the patterns are. I’ve read so many blog from people who have that last flare and it looks frightening. But the positive note is that this is (hopefully) the last big one. Hopefully this is your skins last final cry. I hope you don’t have much longer. You’re almost at a year! You can do this!

    Sending you Positive Healing Thoughts

    • Thanks Cat! I am sorry to see you are flaring too. This is just so crummy. It so hard to stay positive, but your right we can do this. Hope your flare dies down soon too!!

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