13 Months Withdrawal

Well I can happily say that darn flare is OVER! YAH! My body is sloooowly healing now. Thankfully no more spreading or worsening symptoms though. Oh that was a horrible few months.

I have noticed that my neck and chest are finally flaking less. Still some but WAY less than it was. I just get a fine layer of flaky skin there overnight now. Compared to how it was the past year, a thick covering of dead skin, this is way better! And touch wood no oozing on my neck in a couple weeks. Of course every time I say I haven’t had oozing I end up having some lol so hopefully I won’t. My itching on my neck is also significantly decreased. I used to be sooo itchy every night before bed. Now I can usually go to bed with no or very minimal itching. I do sometimes wake up scratching my neck and chest though. Not sure if it is just I am too hot or what, but it is still not as bad as it was. My face and neck are still red, but I think it is calming down.

My eyes are less puffy, and leaking much less than they were. I don’t have to pry my eyes open in the morning. Still have a rash on my thighs and tummy but its not bad. My arms are healing. No more cuts on the crooks of my arms so I can stretch them again! No more walking like a T-rex. But they are still dry and flaky. Still have the red sleeve, but it think it is a bit lighter. My legs are healing as well. Much less scratch marks. Still red though. My feet are still itchy and a bit scabby.

Overall the dryness has improved. Although I am still dry, it is not as bad as it was. No more chills either!

So no dramatic healing yet, but I am doing much better than I was a month ago. I will take the slow healing any day over the flaring.

Keep going guys! We can do this!


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