3 Years Protopic Withdrawal

I am writing this post a little early. My 3 years actually is not until the end of August, but I was looking at some of the other blogs this morning of fellow TSW’s and figured I might as well do it now.

3 whole years without Protopic. Some days it is crazy to think that it has been that long already. I am doing really well. I did have a small flare on my neck in July, it only lasted a couple weeks, and seemed to clear up once I got some consistent sun on it [and lots of prayers :)]. It was a bit itchy for a couple days and red and rashy looking, but honestly when I compare it to my flares in the past, it was not bad, and I am back to doing great. No itching, sleeping great, no flaking, no redness!

If you had read my last post, I had requested people to help me and my Fiancé win our wedding! Well I just want to say THANK YOU if you voted for us! We actually won!!!! We are getting married in the Beautiful Bahamas this November. I cannot wait!

I am definitely not posting much any more and I am sure it will get less and less. Honestly I have a hard time going back on the Facebook pages and what not and looking at everyone suffering. I kind of avoid it. But if anyone ever has questions or comments I am usually pretty quick to get back to you.

Thank you again if you voted for us! I am counting down the days till we get married! Hope you are all doing well. Keep chugging along and try to stay positive. You will heal.



6 thoughts on “3 Years Protopic Withdrawal

  1. Hi there me again Maarten 🙂 First of all i am glad to hear you’re still doing great and congrats on the wedding!

    I am at 31 months now and still doing to great. Unfortunately i almost slattered Protopic on my face daily for four years. So i wondering how long did you use and where? Also were you on any diet?

    • Hi Maarten! I am happy to hear that you are doing good as well! I hope it continues for both of us 🙂
      I used Protopic for about 4 years, mostly on my body. I rarely used it on my face.
      I did try diets, different ones such as no sugar and that, but honestly I did not find that it helped much during my withdrawal. I did take homeopathic medicine my whole withdrawal and I know people have different opinions on it, but I do believe it helped me.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply! What kind of homeopathic medicines did you took? I still have some swollen lymph nodes as well when did they start to settle in your case?

    • I have been on many different ones. Probably the most though on Graphites and Mezereum.
      My lymph nodes really did not cause me much trouble, so I am not sure when they settled. 🙂

  3. Hello! I am a fellow Canadian going through Protopic withdrawal. I also used it for 3-4 years daily, and I am just starting my 3rd month of withdrawal. I just wanted to thank you for keeping this blog, it helps so much to read about other people who have gone through this and who have healed. You are so strong for working 2 jobs through your withdrawal! I am continuing to work full time and it’s hard. Congratulations on your wedding! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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