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I am a 28-year-old female in Canada. I had eczema very briefly as a child, but it went away. I have also had asthma since a child. I spent my teen years with greasy skin and battling acne. I was put on many different acne creams, which I wonder if any had steroids in them. I also did a round of Accutane around age 18, which finally cleared up my skin but is a horrible drug! My eczema suddenly decided to come back in 2009 at age 23, after not having any since a child. It could have been caused by allergies or maybe stress, as the previous six months I had undergone a lot of changes. It started in the crooks of my arms. I did not think too much about it but when I went to the doctor for a routine check-up she noted that I had eczema and asked if I wanted some cream for it. “Sure”, I said, not knowing any better. She gave me some steroids but they did not work. I was then sent for allergy testing, which showed nothing conclusive, and then sent to a dermatologist where they promptly put me on Protopic, an immunosuppressant ointment.

Fast forward to 2013, I had full body eczema and also apparently had a high IgE and had developed many different food allergies/sensitivities. I had eczema literally head to toe. I was using Protopic practically daily and all over my body. My “eczema” would never really go away. I had also done a three week stint on Prednisone (a nasty drug) along the way, when my eczema got out of hand. I have tried countless diets and creams to get relief. Nothing worked. Finally after seeing a naturopathic doctor and him telling me Protopic can cause cancer, lymphoma, or fertility problems, I decided to discontinue it. I had already found ITSAN at that point and had been wondering if I could suffering from topical steroid addiction. August 28, 2013 was my last day using Protopic. Within a few days of being off the Protopic, I had puffy eyes and worsening red skin. My symptoms only got worse as the days went by. This is my documentation on what happened after I stopped the Protopic. I do apologize in advance, as I am not the best writer, but I want my story out there so hopefully I can save someone from going through the same mess or just to be a comfort to someone in the same position.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel contact me! 🙂


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