49 Months

So tomorrow marks 49 months.

I am still in this mild flare but it is frustrating. It is still my eyes, neck, and inner arms. Has not gotten worse, but is not getting better. The worst part is the eyes because I have triple bags under my eyes so everyone can notice. It suddenly has me very self-concious again. I am not sleeping great either, which does not help.

I have been sick for the last two weeks, a cold and now a sinus infection. I am wondering if my skin problems is related to this. I am on antibiotics now so we will see in a week if they help clear things up. I do feel like my immune system is run down right now.

Weirdly even though my eyes are so dry like the Sahara, my forehead is so greasy. Greasy forehead is normal for me, just odd that my eyes are soo dry, which is why I still believe this is a TSW flare.

I have been trying to get sun any chance I can as well.

Hope this flare does not last much longer. I will update when it heals.


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